2nd Symposium on Lidar Atmospheric Applications (Expanded View)

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Compact View of Conference

Sunday, 9 January 2005
7:30 AM, Sunday
Short Course Registration
9:00 AM-5:40 PM, Sunday
Conference Registration
Monday, 10 January 2005
7:30 AM, Monday
Registration continues through Thursday, 13 January
9:00 AM-11:15 AM, Monday
Session 1 emerging lidar methods in addressing atmospheric issues
Organizer: Edward V. Browell, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA
9:00 AM1.1Recent observations of increased thinning of the Greenland ice sheet measured by aircraft laser altimetry and GPS  
William B. Krabill, GSFC, Wallops Island, VA, VA
9:30 AM1.2Development of a ground-based 2-micron DIAL system for atmospheric boundary layer and climate studies  extended abstract wrf recording
Syed Ismail, NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA; and G. J. Koch, U. N. Singh, and K. J. Davis
9:45 AM1.3Use of an eye-safe, portable lidar for remote wildland fire and smoke detection  extended abstract wrf recording
Matthew J. Parker, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Aiken, SC; and C. E. Holton
10:00 AM1.4Monitoring of air motion using lidar and video observations  extended abstract wrf recording
Thomas D. Wilkerson, Space Dynamics Laboratory, North Logan, UT; and S. Cornelsen, G. K. Schwemmer, and M. Anderson
10:15 AMCoffee Break  
10:45 AM1.5The Potential of Wide Angle Imaging Lidar (WAIL)  
Igor N. Polonsky, LANL, Los Alamos, NM; and A. B. Davis and S. P. Love
11:00 AM1.6Wind Profiles from an Ultra-Violet Lidar  
Steven Businger, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI; and I. Dors, J. Foster, J. P. McHugh, T. Cherubini, J. Ryan, J. B. Moore, and P. Hays
10:15 AM, Monday
Coffee Break in Poster Session Room
11:15 AM-2:30 PM, Monday
Session 2 Urban Applications and Data Assimilation
Organizer: N. Andrew Crook, NCAR, Boulder, CO
11:15 AM2.1Lidar as a Lifeline in Confronting Bioterriorism  
Richard Danzig, DARPA, Washington, DC
11:45 AM2.2Autonomous Doppler lidar wind and aerosol measurements for Pentagon Shield  
Stephen M. Hannon, CLR Photonics, Inc., a division of Coherent Technologies, Inc., Louisville, CO; and J. V. Pelk and P. Benda
12:00 PMLunch Break  
1:30 PM2.3Evaluating various Lidar-based wind analysis schemes against independent observations.  extended abstract wrf recording
N. Andrew Crook, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and A. Didlake, J. Sun, and Y. Zhang
1:45 PM2.4Doppler lidar data fusion with a 3-dimensional wind field model in an urban domain  extended abstract wrf recording
Yansen Wang, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD; and C. Klipp, C. Williamson, D. Ligon, M. Felton, and S. Chang
2:00 PM2.5First 4-d variational assimilation of water vapor DIAL data in a mesoscale model  
V. Wulfmeyer, Hohenheim University, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany; and H. S. Bauer, M. Grzeschik, A. Behrendt, F. C. Vandenberghe, and E. V. Browell
2:15 PM2.6Assimilation of high-resolution DIAL water vapor data into the MM5 4DVAR system - Experiments and Validation  extended abstract wrf recording
Hans-Stefan Bauer, Hohenheim University, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany; and V. Wulfmeyer, M. Grzeschik, F. Vandenberghe, and E. V. Browell
2:30 PM2.7Wind observations with the VALIDAR doppler lidar  
Grady J. Koch, NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA; and J. Y. Beyon, B. W. Barnes, and M. J. Kavaya
2.8Measurement of the spatial variations in the height of the atmospheric boundary layer over urban areas using Doppler lidar  
Karen E. Bozier, University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom; and F. Davies and C. G. Collier
12:00 PM-1:30 PM, Monday
Lunch Break
2:30 PM-4:00 PM, Monday
Formal Poster Viewing with Coffee Break
4:00 PM-5:45 PM, Monday
Session 3 Clouds, Climate, Chemistry and air quality
Chair: Kenneth Sassen, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK
4:00 PM3.1Lidar Applied to Cirrus Cloud Research  extended abstract
Kenneth Sassen, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK; and L. Wang and D. O. Starr
Kenji Kai, Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Nagoya, Japan; and N. Tsunematsu, M. Goto, T. Matsumoto, S. Hu, H. Zhou, M. Abo, T. Nagai, and T. Matsumura
4:45 PM3.3Ozone and aerosol measurements with airborne lidar during the 2004 Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment - North America (INTEX-NA) field experiment: Initial results  
Edward V. Browell, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA; and J. W. Hair, C. F. Butler, S. A. Kooi, A. Notari, S. Ismail, and M. A. Fenn
5:00 PM3.4Lidar observation of jet engine exhaust for air quality  extended abstract wrf recording
Wynn L. Eberhard, NOAA/ETL, Boulder, CO; and W. A. Brewer and R. L. Wayson
5:15 PM3.5Scanning backscatter lidar observations for characterizing 4-D cloud and aerosol fields to improve radiative transfer parameterizations  
Geary Schwemmer, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and D. O. Miller
5:30 PM3.6Applications of data from the Cloud Physics Lidar  extended abstract wrf recording
Matthew J. McGill, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and D. L. Hlavka and W. D. Hart
5:30 PM, Monday
Sessions End for the day
7:30 PM, Monday
Suki Manabe Symposium Banquet
Tuesday, 11 January 2005
9:45 AM-11:00 AM, Tuesday
Formal Poster Viewing with Coffee Break
9:45 AM-11:45 AM, Tuesday
Poster Session 1 Lidar Atmospheric Applications - Poster Session I
Cochairs: Shane D. Mayor, NCAR, Boulder, CO; Belay B. Demoz, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD
 P1.1The development of the Howard University Raman lidar  extended abstract
Demetrius Venable, Howard University, Washington, DC; and E. Joseph, D. Whiteman, B. Demoz, R. Connell, and S. Walford
 P1.2Prospects for DIAL measurement of ammonia profiles and emission rates  
Wynn L. Eberhard, NOAA/ETL, Boulder, CO; and Y. Zhao and W. A. Brewer
 P1.3Observation of clouds and aerosol with elastic depolarization lidar during the Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment  
Connor Flynn, PNNL, Richland, WA; and A. Mendoza, D. D. Turner, J. Comstock, S. A. McFarlane, and J. Mather
 P1.4Lidar depolarization ratios from CRYSTAL-FACE thunderstorm anvils  extended abstract
James R. Campbell, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK; and K. Sassen, M. J. McGill, and W. D. Hart
 P1.5Evolution of stratospheric temperature structure in a marine environment: Comparison of lidar and GPS occultation retrievals near Hawaii  
Robert Farley, The Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles, CA; and G. S. Peng and J. E. Wessel
 P1.6DIAL Measurements of SO2, NO2, And O3 in Beijing  
Yinchao Zhang, AER, Hefei, Anhui, China
 P1.7Development of a Meteorological Lidar for the Phoenix Scout Mission  
John F. Hahn, Optech Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada; and D. V. Michelangeli, A. I. Carswell, V. Ussyshkin, V. Podoba, T. J. Duck, A. Ulitsky, P. A. Taylor, V. Hipkin, M. Daly, and E. Choi
 P1.8A lidar-radar observing system for monitoring optical and microphysical properties of cirrus  extended abstract
Cristian Mitrescu, NRL, Monterey, CA; and J. Haynes and S. Miller
9:45 AM-11:15 AM, Tuesday
Poster Session 2 Lidar Atmospheric Applications - Poster Session II
Chairs: Belay B. Demoz, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; Shane D. Mayor, NCAR, Boulder, CO
 P2.1Lidar validation of numerical simulations of a Lake Michigan land breeze  
Gijs De Boer, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and E. W. Eloranta and G. J. Tripoli
 P2.2Wind and Water Vapor Comparisons from IHOP 2002  extended abstract
Joseph P. Comer, SSAI, Lanham, MD; and B. Gentry, D. Whiteman, and B. Demoz
 P2.3TODWL: An Airborne Doppler Wind Lidar for Atmospheric Research  extended abstract
George D. Emmitt, Simpson Weather Associates, Charlottesville, VA; and C. O'Handley, S. Wood, S. Greco, R. Bluth, and H. Jonsson
 P2.4Characterization and Visualization of Water Vapor and Atmospheric Stability During the IHOP Field Experiment  extended abstract
Victoria Sankovich, NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA; and G. Shaw, J. Gleason, S. Newsome, E. Nguyen, R. A. Ferrare, E. V. Browell, S. Ismail, S. Kooi, V. G. Brackett, H. Revercomb, B. Knuteson, and P. Antonelli
 P2.5Scanning-Lidar Measurements of Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Height and Variability  
David O. Miller, Science Systems and Applications, Inc., Greenbelt, MD; and G. Schwemmer and B. B. Demoz
 P2.6On the evolution of a cirrus anvil observed by NASA Scanning Raman Lidar on 19–20 June 2002 during IHOP  extended abstract
Ruei-Fong Lin, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore and NASA/GEST, Greenbelt, MD; and D. Starr, B. Demoz, Z. Wang, and D. Whiteman
11:30 AM-1:30 PM, Tuesday
Exhibits Open
12:15 PM, Tuesday
Lunch Break
1:30 PM-3:15 PM, Tuesday
Session 4 Results from IHOP_2002 and Mesoscale Studies using Lidar
Cochairs: Cyrille N. Flamant, Service d'Aéronomie, IPSL/CNRS, Paris France; Tammy M. Weckwerth, NCAR, Boulder, CO
1:30 PM4.1Along-frontal kinematic and moisture variability and the impact on convection initiation  extended abstract wrf recording
Tammy M. Weckwerth, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and H. V. Murphey, C. Flamant, C. R. Pettet, and R. M. Wakimoto
1:45 PM4.2Moisture variability in the atmospheric boundary layer: a comparison of in situ and remote sensing measurements acquired during IHOP_2002 with Large-Eddy Simulations  
Cyrille N. Flamant, Service d'Aéronomie, IPSL/CNRS, Paris, France; and F. W. Couvreux, T. M. Weckwerth, and F. F. Guichard
Belay B. Demoz, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and D. Whiteman, B. Gentry, G. Schwemmer, K. Evans, P. Di Girolamo, and J. Comer
2:15 PM4.4Direct detection Doppler lidar wind measurements obtained during the 2002 International H2O Project (IHOP)  extended abstract wrf recording
Bruce Gentry, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and S. Li, H. Chen, J. Comer, S. Mathur, and J. Dobler
2:30 PM4.5Aerosol Variability within the Marine Boundary Layer off the California Coast:  
S. A. Wood, Simpson Weather Associates, Charlottesville, VA; and G. D. Emmitt and D. A. Bowdle
2:45 PM4.6Application of High Resolution Doppler Lidar data for wind energy assessment  extended abstract
Yelena L. Pichugina, CIRES/Univ. of Colorado and NOAA/ESRL, Boulder, CO; and R. M. Banta and N. D. Kelly
3:00 PM4.7Comparison of lidar data with tower, profiler, radiosonde, and tethersonde data  extended abstract wrf recording
Ron Calhoun, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ; and A. Wieser, M. Princevac, and C. Kottmeier
3:00 PM-5:00 PM, Tuesday
Exhibits Open
3:00 PM, Tuesday
Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall
5:30 PM, Tuesday
Sessions end for the day
Wednesday, 12 January 2005
8:30 AM-10:00 AM, Wednesday
Session 5 lidar networks and Autonomous sytems
Chair: Raymond M. Hoff, JCET/Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD
8:30 AM5.1Aerosol lidar measurements in the framework of EARLINET  extended abstract
Gelsomina Pappalardo, IMAA-CNR Istituto di Metodologie per l'Analisi Ambientale, Potenza, Italy; and J. Bösenberg, A. Ansmann, D. Balis, C. Böckmann, A. Chaikovsky, A. Comeron, R. Eixmann, I. V. Grigorov, A. Hågård, V. Mitev, S. Nickovic, A. Papayannis, J. Pelon, M. R. Perrone, D. Resendes, V. Rizi, V. Simeonov, P. Sobolewski, N. Spinelli, T. Trickl, G. Vaughan, M. Wiegner, and M. Zavrtanik
8:45 AM5.2The NASA Micro-Pulse Lidar Network (MPLNET): co-location of lidars with AERONET sunphotometers and related Earth science applications  extended abstract
Ellsworth J. Welton, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and J. R. Campbell, T. A. Berkoff, S. Valencia, J. D. Spinhirne, B. Holben, and S. C. Tsay
9:00 AM5.3REALM Lidar Observations during the INTEX/NE-NEAQS Study Period  extended abstract wrf recording
Raymond M. Hoff, JCET/Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD; and K. J. McCann, W. W. McMillan, R. Rogers, N. Jordan, K. Mubenga, F. Moshary, M. Newchurch, T. J. Duck, and E. W. Eloranta
9:15 AM5.4Raman Lidar Measurements of Aerosols and Water Vapor over the Southern Great Plains  extended abstract
Richard Ferrare, NASA/LRC, Hampton, VA; and D. Turner, M. Clayton, D. Covert, R. Elleman, H. Jonsson, B. Schmid, J. Redemann, J. Ogren, E. Andrew, M. Chin, I. Brooks, S. Guibert, and M. Schultz
9:30 AM5.5Preliminary measurements with CODI: an automated compact water vapor DIAL  extended abstract
Janet L. Machol, Univ. of Colorado and NOAA/ETL, Boulder, CO
9:45 AM5.6A automated high spectral resolution lidar for long term measurements in the Arctic  
E. W. Eloranta, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI; and I. A. Razenkov, J. P. Garcia, and J. Hedrick
9:30 AM, Wednesday
Coffee Break
10:00 AM-12:00 PM, Wednesday
Presidential Forum
11:30 AM-1:30 PM, Wednesday
Exhibits Open
12:00 PM, Wednesday
Lunch Break
1:30 PM-5:15 PM, Wednesday
Session 6 spaceborne lidars
Chair: Geary K. Schwemmer, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
1:30 PM6.1The potential impact of space-based lidar wind profiles on weather prediction  
Robert Atlas, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD
1:45 PM6.2Merits of a Space-based Hybrid Doppler Wind Lidar  extended abstract
George D. Emmitt, Simpson Weather Associates, Charlottesville, VA
2:00 PM6.3Comparison of GWOLF and VALIDAR Doppler Lidar Measurements  extended abstract
George D. Emmitt, Simpson Weather Associates, Charlottesville, VA; and S. A. Wood and G. Koch
2:15 PM6.4Preparations for use of Doppler wind lidar data from the Atmospheric Dynamics Mission (ADM-Aeolus) in data assimilation and numerical weather prediction  extended abstract wrf recording
David G.H. Tan, ECMWF, Reading, United Kingdom; and E. Andersson
2:30 PMFormal Poster Viewing  
4:00 PM6.5Aerosol and Cloud Observations and Data Products by the GLAS Polar Orbiting Lidar Instrument  extended abstract
James D. Spinhirne, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and S. P. Palm, D. L. Hlavka, W. D. Hart, A. Mahesh, and E. J. Welton
4:15 PM6.6Validation of ECMWF gobal forecast model parameters using the Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS) atmospheric channel measurements  extended abstract wrf recording
Stephen P. Palm, SSAI, Lanham and NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and D. Miller, A. Benedetti, and J. Spinhirne
4:30 PM6.7 Lidar global cloud and aerosol layer distribution statistics from GLAS observations  extended abstract
William D. Hart, SSAI, Lanham, MD; and S. P. Palm, D. L. Hlavka, and J. D. Spinhirne
4:45 PM6.8The Cloud Physics Lidar and application to spaceborne lidar validation  extended abstract wrf recording
Matthew J. McGill, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and D. L. Hlavka, W. D. Hart, S. P. Palm, D. M. Winker, M. A. Vaughan, K. A. Powell, and J. D. Spinhirne
5:00 PM6.9Spaceborne multiple-scattering lidar observations of clouds, with a comparison to oxygen A-band spectroscopy  
Anthony B. Davis, LANL, Los Alamos, NM; and I. N. Polonsky, D. M. Winker, M. Vaughan, Q. L. Min, and L. C. Harrison
3:30 PM-5:00 PM, Wednesday
Formal Poster Viewing with Coffee Break
3:30 PM-6:30 PM, Wednesday
Exhibits Open
5:30 PM, Wednesday
Sessions End for the day
7:30 PM, Wednesday
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